Friday, February 10, 2012


Technically I am considered a "SAHM" (Stay-at-home-mom).  Although lately I haven't been doing a lot of staying at home.  This fact became very clear to me today as a shelf collapsed this afternoon in my mudroom.  The cause of the collapse?  Too much JUNK!

And it's not just the one shelf.  As I looked around there were crazy chaotic piles of random things all over the house.  I love my house, but honestly there are many times when I just want to be out of it so I don't have to face the STUFF that has taken over.  Plus I love being with people and being involved in lots of different things.  But at some point enough is enough.  I can't neglect my house forever.  This is my job and if I had a boss I would've been fired a long time ago.

It's time for this stay-at-home-mom to start staying at home.


  1. Some websites I've found helpful for controlling it all...
    Simple Mom
    The minimalist mom
    Small Notebook

    I think we both have smaller homes? I'm at 1100 square feet with two kids, and no garage :) If I don't stay on top of it I lose my mind.

  2. These are very helpful. Thanks Jenny!!

  3. Those shelves had the worst plastic pins holding them up. I've already broken like two sets myself and replaced them with real metal pins. They were bound to give way. I don't think your boss would fire you for having to deal with crappy shelfmanship.