Friday, March 15, 2013

Bottle it up

I never want to forget today.  The kids and the cousins and I took a walk to get a free sucker at the Metropolitan Market.  The we headed for the playground.  Just as we arrived it started to pour.  We played anyway.  They giggled and laughed as the splashed down the slide and slipped off the monkey bars.  We didn't stay long.

As we walked home I thought my heart might burst with joy!  We walked through my old neighborhood.  Streets I've walked a million times.  We passed by my best friends old house.  I watched my almost 7 year-old daughter hold her 2 year-old cousins hand.  She looked so grown up. They jumped over cracks and into puddles.  Dandelions were picked.  Sticks were grabbed.  The was running and skipping and twirling.

Never in my life have I wanted to bottle up a moment in time so badly.  It was so simple.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Awkward moments at Starbucks

I went to Starbucks today and saw someone I knew.  By saw I mean, when I first saw her I didn't recognize her, then I squinted my eyes and awkwardly tilted my head forward to get a better look. At this time the lady who was sitting at the table with her noticed me staring (and probably thought I was a total weirdo).  You would think at this point in time I would say something to the lady, but no.  I just looked down and pretended to look at the paint samples in front of me. I'm pretty sure at one point I caught the person I knew (yes it really was her) glance up at me and quickly look back down.  This gave me the impression that she wasn't super interested in talking to me, so I just kept my eyes on my paint samples and left about 10 minutes later.

It's so weird.  Why was it so awkward?  At one point this woman was a very important person in my life.  I looked forward to seeing her and talking with her every week.  We had even talked about her mentoring me at one time.  Now we're avoiding each other at Starbucks.

All I had to do was say "Hi".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Candid Conversations

Sometimes candid conversations with good friends are more refreshing that a church service.  Let's just be honest with each other.  Nobody wants to be friends with a perfect person.  My best friends are the people who know my crap, and I know theirs.  We all have junk we try to hide and we wish no one would ever find out about.  But when we get the courage to tell someone about it there is such a freedom that comes with it.  It's like saying, "This is the real me.  Do you still love me?"  And the REAL friend will still love you...junk in the trunk and all.