Friday, March 15, 2013

Bottle it up

I never want to forget today.  The kids and the cousins and I took a walk to get a free sucker at the Metropolitan Market.  The we headed for the playground.  Just as we arrived it started to pour.  We played anyway.  They giggled and laughed as the splashed down the slide and slipped off the monkey bars.  We didn't stay long.

As we walked home I thought my heart might burst with joy!  We walked through my old neighborhood.  Streets I've walked a million times.  We passed by my best friends old house.  I watched my almost 7 year-old daughter hold her 2 year-old cousins hand.  She looked so grown up. They jumped over cracks and into puddles.  Dandelions were picked.  Sticks were grabbed.  The was running and skipping and twirling.

Never in my life have I wanted to bottle up a moment in time so badly.  It was so simple.

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