Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Strange Times

These are strange times.  I'm not reading as much.  Well I guess I am.  Mostly Mother Teresa.  Mother Teresa will mess with you.  She will take the "West" right out of you.  She gets right down to business telling you what's important, and what isn't.  And when I read it I believe it.

She makes me want to live in my 1100 square foot house forever.  What's the point in chasing a bigger house when there are people all over the world hungry, dying, suffering from atrocious diseases completely cut off from society; unwanted, unloved?

I put Mother Teresa down and I'm immediately confronted with Christmas.  With the 20 people I need to buy gifts for.  I'm face to face with my own greed and I think about the $200 boots I want.  Oh Lord help me.

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