Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The person behind the camera

For Christmas I asked for a new camera.  I have a Canon Rebel Xti, and I LOVE it!  I've learned so much with it and it's just a great camera.  However, I don't use it much.  I do at home, but when I consider bringing it out and about I hesitate.  It's big and I already have my hands full with 3 kids. More often then not I would opt for leaving it behind and decide to just use my iPod camera.  I decided it was time to get a camera I would actually want to bring with me places.

I ended up getting another camera from Christmas The one I asked for.  Someone saw me with it and said, "Oh, you downgraded."  Well, I guess you could look at it that way.  If it's a matter of size, then yes I downgraded.  My new camera cannot swap out lenses and does not have some features that my Rebel has.  But I consider it an upgrade.  Because I'm taking picture again.  I actually bring my camera places and I can just toss it in my purse without feeling like I need to bring my extra-large purse.

I once read that it's not a good camera that takes good pictures, it's a good photographer.  I agree.  It all comes down to the person behind the camera.

Here are a few shots I took with the new camera.  I think they're just as good as anything I've taken with my Rebel.  Although, that's coming from a professional amateur.

Lola at the Science center


snoozing with bunny ears

Snow Beauty


  1. do whatever it takes to keep shooting! I'm actually amazed at how even camera phone pictures turn out!

  2. Thanks Lisa! I completely agree about camera phone shots. Matt can get some incredible pictures with his.

  3. Bri I agree I think it is better that you are actually taking the pictures than not taking them!! Plus I think they turned out great!!