Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 8: Blah!

OK, now I'm starting to get bored of these clothes.  Actually, I was feeling really excited this morning, because I had found a new combination of clothes. (Which is hard to do when you only have 7 items of clothing)  It was all good until we got into the car after our Friday doughnut run.  Viv yells out, "Hey Mom!  You got something on your arm."  I look and this is what I see:

A lovely blob of chocolate right on the sleeve of my white shirt.  Very cute!  "Oh well" I say to myself.  I'll take it off and just wear the blue shirt I was wearing over it.  So I take off the blue shirt and what do I find?

Chocolate.... on the back of my blue shirt.  How does that even happen?!  The ironic part is that as we were leaving the store, Lola was commenting on how clean I stayed while eating my doughnut.  Not so much I guess.  

No biggie, I'll just wear my black shirt... that's in the washer.  Or my hoodie... that's also dirty.  So for now I'm wearing a tank top, which is one of my 7 approved underclothes.  This wouldn't be so bad if I lived in Hawaii or Florida or Arizona.  But I live in Washington... the cold part.  The part that is still 50 degrees in June.  

This makes me glad that I've extended my challenge to 2 weeks.  Today I am forced to be uncomfortable, and really it's not that uncomfortable.  I'm just kind of a wimp.  I mean, I was able to come inside my warm house and put my clothes into a washing machine.  

But when I walk down the driveway to get my mail and the cold breeze hits me, I get a reminder of the many people who have little or no clothing.  I think about the people who slept outside last night.  I think about the kids who might be embarrassed to be wearing the same clothes to school today that they wore yesterday.  And when I have the tangible reminder of these things my heart hurts for them and I am moved to action.


  1. Amazing perspective, Baby Girl!

  2. Your last paragraph brings a tear!!! So many, so many.

    Girl, it's 90 here. Come visit my fellow Summer of 7 friend???? That tank will fit right in here.

  3. Loved it! It is in the 90s here as well!!