Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer of 7: Day 4 of clothes

Really loving only having 7 items of clothing to choose from.  It makes life so simple.  Last night I was folding laundry and was thinking how much easier it would be if my family all only had 7 items of clothing all the time!  Not sure that would really work out in the long run, but it really got me thinking.

I went to hang up some of my clothes and guess what?  I have 5 of the exact same shirt!  5!  Wouldn't it be creepy if it was 7?  But anyways, who really needs 5 of the same shirt.  They are all different colors, but still.

I know it's only been a few days, but I'm not even missing my other clothes.  Not even a little bit.  It got me to thinking, what if I only had 7 of each clothing item?  7 pairs of pants (including sweats and/or work out pants) 7 shirts, 7 pairs of socks etc....  Interesting....


  1. You're one amazing woman! Love you lots! Mominee

  2. Must have got it from you. Love you too!

  3. Ooh...good twist. 7 of each type of item. That might be a good way to keep it simple moving forward. Buy a new shirt, discard one. Kind of like a poker hand! Always keep 7 cards! :)

  4. Love that idea Andrea! I was talking with my husband and telling him that sometimes I only wear certain items in my closet because my favorites are in the laundry. That's just sad.