Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer of 7: Day 6 of clothes

Nothing too eventful happening with the clothes today.  Things I'm learning so far:

1. Wearing an apron is a good thing!  I've found myself wearing an apron every time  I cook and/or do the dishes.  I've been very aware food splatter lately, and without the option of changing my clothes frequently I decided an apron would be a nice option.  It makes me feel very 1950's-ish.  Except for the fact that my apron is an old green Starbucks apron and my lipstick is not perfect (and for that matter, nonexistent).

2.  I really have to look ahead on the calendar and carefully decide my outfit.  If I have somewhere to go where I need to look a little nicer I have to make sure I save those clothes for that day or make sure they're clean.

3. I still really don't miss my other clothes.  I'm trying to figure out where I can donate them and know they will go to people who really need them.  Any suggestions??

4.  I do miss my big earrings.



  1. Hey Brianna! The Rescue Mission will take your clothes. Here is the link for the Hours and location.


  2. I got myself an apron earlier this year... I LOVE it! Its a girly one with ruffles (figured if I was gonna do an apron it might as well be girly) My neighbors all comment on how awesome it is when they see me in it (taking out the trash, grilling, etc)... I see an apron revival in the future!

  3. Perfect!!! I have to say a friend reminded me today that next week was clothes week for me and I almost panicked!!! Maybe I should be clothes and stress together.

  4. Thanks Elis! I really appreciate your help.
    @ Amber, I totally agree with you about the apron revival. There are some really cute ones out there. Where did you get yours?
    @Alene- You can do it! Will you do 2 separate wardrobes: one for work, one for play? I keep thinking mine is super easy because I don't work outside the home. Definitely takes off some of the pressure. But I was talking with my husband about it and we agreed that having to choose just 7 items for business would be tough.