Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm cheating

I have a confession to make... I'm cheating on my 7 articles of clothing.  And it's with this necklace.

It may not look special, but it so is!  This necklace was made by African women, out of beads made from old magazines.  A good friend gave to me some years back.  I thought it was cool.  But it wasn't until last week that I realized how amazing it really was.

Last week I finished the book "Kisses from Katie" by Beth Clark and Katie J. Davis.  If you haven't read it, READ IT!!!  In the book she tells the story of some women in Uganda who live in an incredibly poor village.  Many of these women are single mothers.  Desperate to provide for their families, some of them would sneak out after their kids were asleep and prostitute themselves.  One story is told of a woman who would brew alcohol to sell in order to make money.  But if it didn't sell, "she took the mash from which it is made home to her family and they would swallow it until they fell asleep.  She was making her children drunk so they were unable to feel the pains of hunger."

Can you even imagine how painful this must be for these mothers!  So they teach the women how to make these necklaces.  They provide a way out.  A way for these mothers to provide for there families with dignity.  

So yes, technically I'm cheating.  But I live in a place where I often complain about too much laundry, nothing to eat (even though my refrigerator is full and my cupboards are stocked), and feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life.  But really, the demands on my life pale in comparison to the weight these Ugandan women are facing.  

But every time I wash my hands and see myself in the mirror and see the necklace around my neck, I think of these women.  I think about how many women are hurting and needing and living in the most desperate situations.  And I think about how I need to stop thinking about me and start getting my eyes more on Jesus, so I will be more surrendered to Him, and be ready for Him to use me however he wants.


  1. I don't even think that counts as a "cheat." I love these necklaces and what they represent. :)

  2. Thanks Katrina! I don't really feel like it's a cheat either, but I wanted to be completely honest.

  3. A necklace is not an article of clothing, so you aren't cheating.

  4. Kisses from Katie MESSED ME UP GOOD!!! Love that necklace. What a very special gift! What I loved about the story of her going to that dump village to help those women and children is that she never comes across as afraid or skeptical. It's just like, "Here it is. This is where I can help." and she goes. I feel drawn to the streets of our city and I'm questioning, pondering, praying and yet young miss cute Katie just GOES. What a lesson there!!!

    Jumping on the bandwagon of clothes. YIPES!!!


  5. So now you have to tell me where to get one of those necklaces, and I so need to read that book!

  6. Alison, you will LOVE "Kisses from Katie". Such an incredible book and story.

    I'm not sure where my friend got my necklace. But I googled "magazine bead necklaces" and I found these 2 sites:



    They had some really amazing jewelry in really cool colors.